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Security Measures

Power Failure
In the event of a power failure, remain calm and ask other employees to stay where they are until further advice from the Manager.

Robberies or Hold-ups
Remain calm.
Never look the assailant in the face; keep your head down.
Follow the robber’s instructions promptly, no more and no less.
Do not intervene with or chase the assailant.
Do not touch or move anything the criminal may have handled
Report immediately to management
Do not discuss the event with anyone else until the police arrive
Write a description of the events and assailant as soon as possible
Phone _____________________.

The building is a large, accessible building and it is every tenant's responsibility to be
aware of the security needs of both other tenants and fellow employees. If you see any
suspicious person(s) on, or around the premises, they should be reported immediately to
the building security. Staffs are responsible for security closing all entrances and exits after
leaving a work area.

Electrical Safety
An office environment presents all kinds of opportunities for injury from electrical
shock if you are not careful. As such, be aware of the following:
The power supply is much stronger than the power supplied to your home
Water and electricity do not mix
Please be careful before you hose or splash water
Report frayed or damaged power cables to your supervisor or manager for repair
or replacement.

Use of Chemicals
We use a range of powerful cleaning chemicals to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
Please read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and use them accordingly. Dilute chemicals to the correct concentration and use all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

Stress and Fatigue
Our moral and legal responsibility is to provide a safe and healthy work environment and
conditions for employees, by taking into account all factors which affect work and the
design and arrangement of the work content and tasks. Work activities should be
designed and managed to reduce stress and fatigue as far as reasonably practicable

Work Alone
There may be circumstances in which an employee may be required to work alone
without other employees within visual or hearing distance. If the employee is required to
work alone it will be at their manager’s direction after the situation has been assessed
and in consultation with the employee who may complete the required work. The manager must assess the employee’s ability to work safely while alone.

Extreme Temperature and UV Exposure
Employees may be subject to extreme temperature and UV exposure arising from their
work activities, work environment, and time schedules. Extreme temperatures include
both hot and cold conditions. Work activities should be designed and managed to reduce
extreme temperature and UV exposure were reasonably practicable. Personal protective
equipment is always available for employees to wear to assist them in working in such

Fire Emergency Procedures
The building is protected with modern Fire protection equipment including smoke and
thermal detectors. Fire drills are conducted on a regular basis to ensure employees are
trained in evacuation procedures.

For your safety and that of other tenants, please ensure you are familiar with the
procedures for evacuating the premises and your responsibilities in emergency
situations. It is important, so please make sure you know the location of the closest fire
exit in each area of the building, as well as the location of the fire hose reels, fire
extinguishers, and fire blankets. Also, please ensure your work area is kept clean and tidy.
Do not block corridors, entrances, or exits.

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