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Art Fair Services

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Vincent Tantardini

Transporting art is a delicate process that demands tact and care.

Because each painting and sculpture requires regular and individualized attention, as well as proper security during transportation, artwork mobility is one of the most crucial tasks for temporary exhibitions.


The process of it is so delicate that it must be left in the hands of experts - people who recognize the demands of each piece.


DTD Fine Art Services has been on site at art fairs providing discerning exhibitors, art galleries, artists and collectors with logistics support.


Our highly experienced team of shipping and installation specialists can manage all aspects of exhibition, allowing its owners to concentrate on their priorities.

Art Fair Services:

  • Coordination of all logistic processes to the venue and return

  • Secure, professional, climate controlled transportation

  • Cost-efficiency through artwork consolidation

  • Quality installation service on site

  • Temporary venue storage

  • Comprehensive and individual support service that covers your art fair needs 24/7

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