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Discrimination Policy

The company supports anti-discrimination and abides by state and federal legislation pertaining to discrimination and bullying in the workplace. The company guidelines are based on several key pieces of State legislation, which all our policies and procedures are consistent with. These guidelines aim to ensure all employees/consultants receive fair and equitable treatment in the workplace. These legislative documents are associated with Discrimination, Harassment, and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Philippines Labor code
The Act aims to give employees/consultants more power and flexibility within the workplace, and will significantly affect the future of employment relationships

The Act aims to give the primary responsibility for industrial relations and agreement-making to employers and employees at the enterprise and workplace levels. If focuses on providing:

A safety net of fair and enforceable minimum wage conditions
Ensuring freedom of association
Avoiding discrimination
Assisting employees to balance their work and family responsibilities effectively.

There are 8 National Employment Standards, which are incorporated into our business
operations. These standards set the provisions for – weekly hours, flexible working
arrangements, parental leave and related requirements, annual leave, personal leave/carer’s
leave and compassionate leave, public holidays, and notice of termination.

EQUAL Employment Opportunity
The company is committed to maintaining policies of non-discrimination towards all
employees and applicants. All aspects of employment with us will be governed on the basis
of merit, competence, and qualifications. Decisions will not be influenced by race, color,
religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, or veteran status. The owner is obligated to
know local laws and ordinances regarding employment.

The company strives to uphold the principles of access and equity in all aspects of the
organization. This demonstrated, but was not limited to our commitment to supporting cultural
diversity, recognizing the differing learning needs of our employees, and the principles of
mutual respect at all stages of an employee’s work life. This is demonstrated at the time of
recruitment, interviewing, selection, employment, staff development, training, and

Management will deal with equal opportunity, affirmative action, discrimination, harassment
and/or victimization issues based on:
Fair and open policies and procedures which are implemented consistently
Procedures that provide accessible means for employees to lodge complaints,
with avenues for conciliation (where appropriate), investigation, and disciplinary
measures based upon a fair hearing for both parties.
The inclusion in employee and management training of modules on equal
opportunity obligations and their practical implementation.

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