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US Customs

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Headquartered at Newark International Airport and also located at Miami International, US Customs brokerage services are offered at every major US port. Whether your shipments require routine clearance or are extremely time sensitive, we are available 24/7 to clear your international shipments.


Specializing in complex entries requiring various customs agencies and organizations, our comprehensive customs brokerage service ensures the quickest flow of your international shipments. We file all airfreight customs entries on a wheels up basis and are pleased to have the highest service level in the industry today.

Other value added services include:

  • CITES, Visa / Quota, USDA, and FDA formalities

  • Temporary import entries

  • Carnet processing

  • Duty drawbacks

  • Consultancy on import regulations and tariff resolutions

  • Special handling procedures for Fine Art and Antiques

  • Import Security Filing (ISF)

  • Personal Effects

  • High Value off load observations and secured transportation

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