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Process Daily Dispatch in Miami with Remote Dispatching

In this case Miami being dispatched by Ignacio Rosales in NJ

New York | Miami | Los Angeles |


Purpose: Maintain normal dispatch protocol without a Miami dispatcher

Intended for: Miami drivers / art techs. In this case Juan and Carlos in Miami



Check mailbox

Mail filed on Jacky's desk


Warehouse facility scan, security, damage, leaks, temperature, cleanliness

Punch In/ADP login

Copy of time cards to Tavo every Monday morning

Print daily documents

Print all docs related to day's dispatch

Labels will need to be hand written for now

Review of following day's dispatch

Afternoon call each day from Tavo to Juan & Carlos

Bills of lading & manifest emailed from Tavo to Miami email on computer #1

Alll docs printed from local office printer

On Road


Obtain quality POD's, signature, printed name, date & time

Genius Scan the POD & "share to" Gmail

POD's to Tavo after completion of every job


Receipts scanned with Easy Expense Tracker


Delays foreseen beyond 30 minutes reported to Tavo

You'll get into a good rythm with Tavo

End of Day Office

Document scan

All related daily docs scanned by job # to office computer #1

Docs to include manifest, pre/post trips, POD's, log book pages, client inventories, ++++

Documents emailed to Tavo

All originals clipped together, in order, and filed in "Driver Docs" in chronological order

Notes: Below procedures are updates to current procedures, all other procedures remain the same

Tavo email

Miami email

Miami pass

Tavo cell 1-732-328-5428

Juan cell 1-786-201-1404

Carlos cell

Supporting Links:

Genius Scan

Easy Expense Tracker

Date Drafted: 3/26/2023

Author: Mark Boyea


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