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How To Assign Divisions to Clients

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Title: How To Assign Divisions to Clients

Keywords: Divisions, Billing, LAX, MIA, USA

Purpose: Understand how to assign correct divisions to DTD clients

Intended For: Billing clerks, accounting, managers

Notes: Email sent as a recap om Sept 15,2022

How to details:

Magaya assigns the divisions based upon our employees. We need to assign the divisions geographically. I have worked with Magaya to create a fix for this but there are no setup changes that can be done. The only solution is special software for this and that isn't financially feasible.

The change we'll be making is two fold.

#1 - We will add the divisions, USA, MIA or LAX into the "website" field in the client contact section, "General" tab. This is a one time setup for each new client.

#2 - When assigning an invoice, the last step will be to assign the proper division just after generating the invoice. This will be done in the invoice found in the "Transaction Listing" section

A short refresher on the areas assigned to a division and how we define a client's division, is as follows:

LAX = all California

MIA = all Florida

USA = all other areas

  • The address of a client defines their division.

  • Who routes the shipment defines who the client is.

Usually, in 99% of all shipments, the bill to party is also the routing party and therefore the client. The caveat to this is when a foreign agent is routing the shipment. In this case the US exporter or the US importer of record will be the client and the shipment will be assigned to the division of that client's address.

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Date Drafted: 9/15/2022

Author: Mark Boyea


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