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Define the DTD Division that a Client Should be Assigned to

Updated: Jan 9

New York | Miami | Los Angeles |


Purpose: Attribute correctly all revenues, costs, commissions and service indices to a DTD client and Division when booking a new job into the system

Intended for: Employees and managers in Import, Export, Domestic, Dispatch and Accounting departments

How to details:

The address of a client defines the division they are assigned to.

Who routes the shipment defines who the client is. In 99% of all shipments, the bill to party will also be the routing party and therefore the client. Suffice to say that the easiest conclusion is to assign the bill to party to the division represented by their address.

The caveat to this is when a foreign agent, or client, is routing the shipment. In this case the US exporter of record, or the US importer of record, will be the client and the shipment will be assigned to the division of that client's address.

Territories and / or states assigned to the (current) divisions are as follows:

LAX Division is all of California

MIA Division is all Florida

USA Division is the remaining 48 states

Notes: To make the assignment of divisions easier, Los Angeles and Miami were assigned California and Florida respectively. If/when an additional area is assigned, that corresponding state will become a new division and be removed from the USA Division

Date Drafted: 1/5/2023

Author: Mark Boyea


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