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Assign Divisions to a Client

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Purpose: We have created a work around to the present limitations imposed by our current operating system, please see notes below. Presently, only an employee within the desired division can book in a shipment and have that client be assigned to that division. Details below provide an effective procedure to allow any employee to assign a client to the LA Division

Intended for: Employees and managers in Import, Export, Domestic, Dispatch and Accounting departments

How to details:

To assign a client to the LA Division, a DTD employee must login using an LA alias user ID. By doing so that employee will be acting as an LA employee and the client will be assigned to the LA Division. The login details for the LA Alias are (user name) (password). In the event that activities are shared on a job then a very brief overview of those activities should be added to "internal notes". This will assist us to direct any questions to the correct employee. If all transactions remain under that ID, then all revenues, costs, commissions and service indices will remain in that division.

Notes: Our present Magaya system assigns the DTD Division to the client based upon the division that the DTD employee is assigned to. Every employee is setup working within a certain division. It isn't possible for an employee in one division to assign a client to a different division. For this reason cross division utilization of employees isn't possible and workloads can't be shared by cross trained employees

Date Drafted: 1/5/2023

Author: Mark Boyea


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